COVID-19: Precision Diagnostics Offers a Virtual Waiting Room for Providers to Safely Treat Patients

Precision UpNEXT is a virtual waiting room for healthcare providers to safely & efficiently treat patients due to the pandemic

SAN DIEGO, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Precision Diagnostics recently launched UpNEXT, a virtual waiting room, to support providers and staff so they can safely and efficiently treat patients due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Precision UpNEXT is an easy to use online platform that relieves administrative burden and helps providers see patients with less risk of exposure by using a remote check-in process with mobile alerts.


Precision Diagnostics recently launched UpNEXT, a virtual waiting room solution designed for social distancing, with safe, efficient patient check-in and communication in the continuum of healthcare. Providers can visit to view information on UpNEXT, read testimonials, and schedule a consultation.

Providers can visit to see how UpNEXT can be customized to fit their needs, view information on UpNEXT, read testimonials, and to schedule a consultation with a Precision Diagnostics team member. Providers can also call  800.635.6901 to learn more about UpNEXT.

“Our goal is to help providers who are committed to serving the community in a safe and efficient way. There are patients at risk who are afraid to seek help due to COVID-19,” said Miguel Gallego, President and CEO of Precision Diagnostics. “Not only are these providers experiencing an abrupt change in workflow, but they are also facing additional challenges caused by this public health emergency. We want providers to know that Precision is here to help by providing a virtual waiting room to support continued care.”

Precision UpNEXT is an excellent tool for practices that are:

  • Temporarily closed and determining how to reopen
  • Adjusting workflows to maintain a safe environment for their patients and staff
  • Experiencing a reduction in the number of patient visits
  • Utilizing telemedicine with patients who require medication monitoring

All Precision UpNEXT consultations and support will be provided virtually and is completely confidential and free.

About Precision Diagnostics:
Precision Diagnostics is the only U.S. laboratory to have invested in and committed to deploying the most advanced, ultra-high sensitivity LC-MS/MS technology for clinical urine and oral fluid drug testing. Our accredited laboratory’s automated processes virtually eliminate human error, ensure fast turnaround times, and permit our scientists to focus on the data that merit their attention. Our testing methodology gives clinicians within the addiction, pain management, and primary care industries a better possibility of ensuring patient compliance and improving outcomes. We provide world-class client support and an analytics platform which delivers actionable data in a format that supports clinical decisions.

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