As we continue to adapt and evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our clients, their patients, and community remain our primary focus. Precision is committed to supporting you through this transition by discussing alternative testing workflows that are conducive to the current situation.

Whether you are utilizing telemedicine or working with a reduced staff, we can adjust our testing to fit your needs and protect your patients while also mitigating risk to your practice. All Precision teams are fully operational and ready to support you.

Below are several Precision tools that can be utilized to help ensure the continuum of care under today’s stringent physical distancing orders:

Precision UpNEXT is a virtual waiting room that provides reduced exposure risks for patients and providers while continuing necessary care. This web portal allows you to queue patients by visit type, as well as send customized text messages to patients, notifying them when it’s their turn. Using the web portal, you can alert patients to come into the office physically or pull up their car to a designated spot to receive the required care deemed medically necessary as it relates to Precision testing. Contact your sales representative for a quick demo and set up.

Precision Analytics can be used to help determine which patients may be more in need of their current regimen of testing while other patients may be deemed safer to adjust medication scripts and testing frequency temporarily while not impacting care significantly.

Oral Fluid Testing can be used in place of Urine Drug Testing during this time in order to ensure adherence to physical distancing orders. We can help you shift from urine to oral fluid testing quickly and easily.

If you need assistance, please reach out to your Precision Sales Representative to explore workflow options.

Stay safe and know that you can count on Precision for your drug testing and service needs.

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